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In 2020 Covid-19 struck the world and has put Britain into lockdowns and many restrictions have been introduced. Polished Inside & out is based in an assisted living community and the Pilates area is in the community lounge. One of the main restrictions is community areas for social activities cannot be open due to the spread of Covid-19 in groups. Especially with the residents mainly being in the high-risk categories and advised to isolate. Therefore, Natasha started Zoom classes in March 2020 and has continued classes via zoom during the pandemic.

Natasha and her clients have been pleasantly surprised how well her clients and herself have adapted. We have all found Zoom a great way to teach and enable people to still self-isolate but carry on there much-loved Pilates classes. Once the pandemic is over Natasha plans to carry on Zoom classes but will try to merge Zoom and lounge classes, Hybrid Pilates. So we can keep the number of people attending classes in person down and enjoy the beninift of both in perosn and Zoom Classes. For clients who travelled a large distance to join her Clinical Pilates class the benefit of Zoom is that clients can stay at home and avoid long travel times. You can also finish a class and already be home or even join a class while on hoilday. Natasha is sad to say not everyone is able to use Zoom but she does hope to return to Daisy Haye Pilates Classes but until then its Zoom.