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Polished Inside & Out Was On The Radio

If you would like to find out more about Pilates follow the link below and listen to Natasha Simmonds on the local moorlands Radio discussing Pilates.


A little bit about Natasha. 

Hi I’m the owner of Polished Inside & Out, I have been in the fitness and beauty industry for over 15 years. I currently work at Daisy Haye in Leek teaching Pilates and providing health and beauty treatments to the local public. The main reason I believe in Pilates so much is due to my own back problems and chronic pain, that I now personally manage effectively via the practice of Pilates.  Many people suffer with a lifelong condition which may not have a simple cure, such as osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and spinal disc issues. Pilates can be very helpful to teach correct postural alignment and stabilise joints, thus empowering individuals to manage their own chronic pain. 

What is Pilates. 

Pilates is a series of exercises that works the muscles from the inside out. Correcting the way, the body has changed over time due to illness, injury, occupation and age. My own back pain and disc issues is due to me being hyper mobile causing my joints to be unstable, especially with my postures during my occupation being lent forward. Pilates helped me and helps others re-educate the brain, so your muscles work how they did before any changes in life. I straighten up, changed my working positions and strengthen my muscles so my flexibility was controlled with the help of regular Pilates. From my own and others experience Pilates can correct muscle imbalance, posture, restoring alignment, bring back homeostasis, maximising energy efficiency and the ability to move without pain or injury.  

Who is Pilates suitable for.

Pilates is suitable for all ages, abilities and can be adapted depending on your requirements. I believe that prevention is better than cure, so if you feel fit and don’t have any concerns with your body Pilates can still help you avoid things in the future keeping the body at its best.  

History of Pilates. 

Joseph Pilates was born in Germany and gave us the building block for core stability and rehabilitation back in the 1920s, he created 34 original moves which we still use today. Joseph was an ill child and took ideas from all different sports to help build his own body to be healthy and worked helping other at an internment camp on the isle of man. He then opened his own studio to help athletes, and members of the public in New York.   

Benefits of Pilates. 

Pilates trains your body to be at its best, its individual to everyone depending what they need. If you are very flexible you might also be weak so need to strengthen, if you are strong you might be stiff. Pilates creates secure muscles that are strong, stable and flexible, so we work to our best ability.  

One of my favourite Joseph Pilates quotes is – If at the age of 30 you are stiff and out of shape, you are old. If at 60 you are supple and strong then you are young.”  

Things Pilates can help with. 

Pilates can help with a large number of things, such as joint mobility and coordination which in turn could help you to reach and bend safely in your day to day life. 

A lot of my clients struggle with balance, flexibility and stability and have found Pilates help decrease the chance of falls and injuries. 

Everyone wants to look and feel healthier, Pilates improves posture and muscle tone, helping you feel better in yourself.  

Due to life stress and worry, things like concentration, memory or just time for yourself slips away. Pilates give you time to exercise your body and mind, helping relaxation.  

If you find yourself out of breath from doing simple chores, Pilates shows you how to breath but also how to adjust your posture to help you breath. 

Are there different types of Pilates classes out there.

Yes there are a few different types of Pilates classes especially as Joseph wanted Pilates to be left open to change, as he knew more research over time would increase our knowledge of our body and he wanted that to be adapted into Pilates classes in the future.  

One type of class you may come across is the original 34 moves as taught by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s without many adaptions.  

We also have a more fitness Pilates class which are general taught in your local gyms. 

Or clinical Pilates where the moves have been adapted over time with research from sports and medical professionals. Clinical Pilates also offers a maximum of 12 in a class so the instructor can always keep an eye on everyone.  

Do you need a consultation before a class.

Personal I would recommend a consultation when starting any classes, so you know what to expect from the class. You can meet the instructor asking any questions but also the instructor can meet you and learn about your health and fitness before starting a class, the instructor can then adapt the moves for your general needs. If you find classes don’t work for you or its too scary to start due to a lot of pain, or medical concerns, instructors also offer private classes which you can start off with to get your confidence and personal understanding of your own body which can resolve any individual concerns you may have before joining a class.