Wax One Professional Products

Polished Inside & Out has a new product Wax:One

Waxing in Leek now with Polished Inside & Out a new system

Wax:One products have been developed for today’s modern active client, these products have been formulated to offer smooth results while minimising the risk of ingrown hairs. 

Key features revealed by the wax:one range include: 

  • simple solution – one Hot, one Strip 
  • great quality – good adhesion, melts quickly and evenly and maintains an even consistency 

  • low melting and working temperature – for greater client comfort and a quicker prep time 
  • super thin viscosity – uses less product and is effective in seeking out the base of the hair for clean, comfortable removal 
  • flexible – the wax contours with the body and doesn’t become brittle or snap hairs, therefore reducing the risk of ingrown hairs for a more comfortable client experience 
  • suitable for sensitive skin – low working temperature 
  • unisex – works effectively with all hair types and the branding has wide appeal. 

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